Month: October 2021

How to hire a health care worker at Walmart

Workers at Walmart, home to the world’s largest retail company, are being offered more than a million new jobs as part of a nationwide job drive by the nation’s largest retailer.The company on Thursday announced that more than 6,000 workers at its Walmart stores would be eligible for the expanded federal job opportunities, which include […]

Steve Jobs’ daughter, Ashley, gets new job at Starbucks

Ashley Jobs is set to become the youngest person ever hired at Starbucks, the company announced Friday.The company said Jobs’ 14-year-old daughter, Lauren, will be the company’s newest employee.She joins an existing roster of young people working at the company.She has been an assistant manager, manager of operations and operations manager since November.She joins an […]

What to expect at Houston’s tech conference, where tech talent is on a first-name basis with Houstonians

Houston’s job market is booming.That’s because the city is a hub for tech companies and there’s a strong job market in the country.And there’s plenty of tech talent in Houston.For some companies, hiring is more about networking and building relationships than hiring.This article is part of our Tech Talent Search.Check out more Tech Talent Stories […]

How to apply for a Walmart job

Wal-Mart has launched an online job posting for an IT support engineer position in San Antonio, Texas.The job posting says the position is for “an expert with a strong understanding of data analytics and data management for a company.”The position is currently open, but can be filled through a pre-employment interview process.The posting also says […]

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