How Steve Jobs made $3.5 billion in one year

Steve Jobs sold Apple Inc. for $3 billion in January 2012, and now, it’s worth a staggering $3,5 billion.

In January 2012 the Cupertino, California-based company sold itself to Google for $6.2 billion.

It was a blockbuster deal, and the new owner had to make the most of the opportunity.

It was also a monumental gamble, as Jobs had never been able to sell his company on a single product.

Apple was a startup.

Jobs was a former entrepreneur.

It took him five years to sell the company on his vision.

And it was a gamble that paid off.

Today, Jobs is worth more than $70 billion.

He has more than twice as much cash on hand as he did then, and he still has plenty left to sell.

And his first $3-billion sale?

It was worth more to him than the combined $8.2-billion he made from his other $2.4 billion in stock sales and other investments.

Apple has gone from a company that started in 1984, to one that has been profitable for more than two decades.

But now, there is a new Apple that has the potential to take it all the way.

As Apple enters its third decade, here are five lessons learned from that first decade.1.

The company that was never a business isn’t a good one, either.

Jobs said it himself, in the first interview he ever gave, about how he didn’t want to make products that people didn’t care about, and didn’t need to buy them.

But Apple has been good about making that happen.

It has taken the best parts of its consumer products and turned them into the best products on the planet.

And today, with the exception of the iPad, the iPad is the best tablet on the market.2.

People like what they see.

And Apple is constantly experimenting with new products.

We don’t get to see what they do with the iPad first-hand.

We only get to look at what they sell it to us.

It’s the best-kept secret in Silicon Valley.3.

If you’re a customer, you have to love the product, too.

It matters more than the price.

That’s why the first iPhone, the iPhone 3G, the iPod, and all the Apple devices since then have been worth more money than the original iPhone.

The first iPad was worth a third of what the iPhone was.

And the first iPod was worth less than half the price of the iPhone.

It all adds up.4.

You need to like people, too, if you want to win over customers.

Jobs didn’t just have a vision for how Apple should be.

He was also very clear that the company’s goal was to be a company people wanted to work for.

And he knew that customers didn’t love that vision.

So he created a great company.

But he also said that Apple was the best place to be if you don’t want the company to be successful.

And you don

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