What is the latest news on Walmart jobs in Italy?

The news is out. 

Walmart jobs in southern Italy are booming. 

As of May 25, Walmart was hiring at a rate of nearly 100,000 per day in the region, up from a low of 50,000 in February. 

And, according to a Reuters report, WalMart has surpassed Wal-Mart Supercenters to become the biggest employer in Italy’s second-largest city, Florence, with nearly 2.5 million jobs in the city alone. 

The Italian retail giant is also adding more stores, as well as other businesses. 

There are now almost 700 stores in Florence. 

“It is a good time for all Italian companies,” said Stefano Cifaldi, a spokesman for Walmart in Florence, according to Reuters.

“The weather is warm and the population is growing, and we are looking forward to our fourth year in the country.” 

According to the Reuters report: “There are no shortages of labor.

The number of job openings is not limited. 

But the demand is there.

There are more jobs to go around. 

In February, the unemployment rate for Italy’s non-retail sector was 2.9 percent, according an official estimate from the government.” 

 Wal-Mart has added 1,500 jobs in Florence since January and will open another 300 in the next few weeks. 

More: The new hires include: a sales rep who works in the warehouse, who also works as a salesperson, and a supervisor who works at the restaurant. 

A manager who also manages a logistics firm. 

An assistant manager who works for a food distribution company. 

This reporter said the hires are part of Walmart’s “continuous hiring strategy.” 

“We are proud of the new hires, who are taking the steps to further improve our company,” the spokesman said. 

 But he added that it is important to remember that Walmart is a small business. 

That said, this is a great time to be a retailer in Italy, because it is the first time that the retail giant has found a job that is close to home. 

According the Reuters story, “In February the number of jobs in Rome fell to about 1,600, and that is expected to increase again in the coming weeks.” 

Read more at Reuters. 

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