IGN: What do you guys think about the Nintendo Switch’s controller?

IGN’s Sam Machkovech and Mike Mahardy have got a few different takeaways from the Nintendo’s upcoming announcement, and their thoughts on the Switch’s new controller.

Sam and Mike take a look at some of the new Switch features, including:New features like “Switchpad” and “GamePad” have been added to the Joy-Con controllers, allowing players to control the gamepad with the touch screen.

Nintendo says it will introduce new “game modes” and games that can be played using the JoyCon controllers in the future.

Nintendo also added a number of new games and games modes to the Switch.

For example, it says that a “New Game Mode” will be added to every game mode on the console.

The “New Mode” can be accessed by pressing the “Gamepad” button on the Joycon controller.

The “New Switch” can also be accessed via the Joy Con controllers, via the “New Menu” button, or via the Nintendo logo on the controller.

Nintendo’s “New Modes” and other new games modes on the Nintendo console include:Multiplayer Mode is a mode that allows up to four players to play together in co-op mode.

The mode also allows players to switch between three different characters at any given time.

New Game Modes allow up to eight players to use the JoyCons to play single-player and multiplayer games.

Players can use the controller to control either of the JoyCON controllers, and the game is played in a split screen.

The new game mode allows up of eight players at a time to play a game.

Players use the game controller to navigate their characters and move around the game.

Nintendo announced that the Switch will ship with the Nintendo 3DS XL as a standalone console, but the company is reportedly working on a “new handheld controller” that could be a replacement for the Switch, according to The Verge.

The Switch will be launching in March 2017.

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