I was in Orlando, and it was amazing!

The best job posting site on Reddit was an Orlando-based startup called Publix, whose job listings featured a photo of a dog with the caption “a pet is not an employee.”

Publx also advertised a “new pet app,” which the company called PetSafe, which let users send photos of their pets to the company.

The site’s hiring page also listed a job with “a new position in the pet food business” and an ad for a “pets in a pinch” position.

The job posting featured a picture of a large dog with a tagline that said “Pets are not employees,” along with the line, “a dog with pet safety in Orlando.”

In a statement, Publax CEO Matthew Schulz said, “The ad was intended to show the opportunity for PetSafe to expand our pet safety portfolio, which includes a new pet food brand.”

Schulz also said that the company had not received any requests from customers to cancel their jobs, but would “be providing more details as we work to provide an immediate and meaningful transition for all employees.”

The position advertised for the new position was for an “executive search firm,” which would be looking for a permanent position.

Publux was the first company to advertise for the position, and is currently recruiting for a second.

The company said that it is hiring more than 200 people in Orlando to help build its pet-food business.

The position description also listed that the new job would allow the company to expand into other areas, including “Petcare, Food and Grocery,” which is also the company’s food brand.

Schulz said that PublX is hiring to fill all positions, including senior management positions, but the company did not say how many people it was hiring.

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