Trump ‘disgusted’ with his press corps

Donald Trump has been in a state of anger with the press since he was elected president in November.

The president has made headlines for being ungrateful to the press, and he has accused the media of failing to report the news accurately.

The White House has faced intense criticism for its treatment of reporters.

As the US is preparing to host a summit with the World Health Organization (WHO), which will include the first summit on Zika, Trump is taking a hard line on the media.

He has accused news organizations of being part of the globalist plot to “destabilise” the US and has demanded they be shut down.

In an interview with NBC News, he said the US was not allowed to talk about the health of the president.

“The media has to stop with the fake news, the fake reporting.

You’ve got to get it out.

That’s my view.

And I’m getting it out,” Trump said.

“I think the press is a little bit of a nuisance to me.

I think the media, frankly, has gotten out of control.

They’re a very, very dishonest press.

They don’t have any backbone.

And that’s the reason why they have been so successful.

They have been successful for the last 10 years.”

In a series of tweets on Monday, Trump criticised the media for failing to cover the outbreak.

“It is an absolute disgrace to the United States of America that the fake and corrupt media is allowing the dangerous disease to spread,” he said.

Trump also slammed the “liberal media”, which he described as the “opposition party”.

“The fake news media is losing their credibility as they cover this horrible pandemic.

They are losing credibility and they are failing.

And this is why they should be thrown out of the press,” he wrote.

On Sunday, the White House issued a statement saying the US had a strong record of combating the spread of the Zika virus.

“As we have said previously, we are working diligently to prevent the spread and are working hard to get to the root cause of the outbreak,” the statement said.

The White Houses own poll has found that 90% of Americans believe the media is biased against Trump, and that the president is losing the support of his base. “

We will continue to stand up for the people of the United State, regardless of their political beliefs or opinions.”

The White Houses own poll has found that 90% of Americans believe the media is biased against Trump, and that the president is losing the support of his base.

The survey found that only 42% of respondents believe that the White house is doing a good job of dealing with the crisis, compared with 57% who said it was doing a poor job.

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