‘I’m really disappointed’ with the way I was treated in the UK – Steve Jobs

STEVE JACOBS has admitted he was “really disappointed” when he was treated like a “chump” in the US and is “looking forward to getting back home” to start a new life.

Speaking exclusively to TheJournal.ie at his home in Dublin, the Apple co-founder was asked about his future plans.

The US has “always been my home”, he said, adding that he was proud to be from Ireland.

“It’s been a great place for me to be, and I’m really pleased to be here, but I feel really disappointed,” he said.

He was asked whether he would consider returning to the US to work on his latest project.



It’s something I would be very happy to do,” he replied.

When asked whether there were any other opportunities in Ireland that he would look at, he said: “Absolutely, there’s always a lot of opportunities in the world.

There’s not a lot to do here.”

He was also asked if he thought the US could be better at providing online teaching.

“Yes, definitely.

There are so many other opportunities, I would love to be able to help in any way,” he responded.

The Dublin-based billionaire said he wanted to return to the UK to help set up his next venture, and he would not rule out a return to Ireland in the future.

“I have so much pride in being a UK citizen.

I’ve worked so hard for this.

I want to see my family here, I want my family to have a good life.

That’s what I’m so proud of,” he told TheJournal, before adding: “I just feel very sad for what has happened.

I don’t think that this has been a good decision, it’s been an awful decision.”

Read more:”It is a great country, it is a wonderful country and it has a lot going for it,” he added.

“But I want it to be good for me, I don, I love Ireland, I am proud of Ireland, but it’s just not the right decision for me.”

The US is currently embroiled in a massive trade dispute with the European Union, and the country’s president has vowed to fight it.

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