Why McDonald’s is hiring more women

Posted November 09, 2019 03:24:28McDonald’s is seeking more women to help lead the company’s hiring efforts, according to a company memo obtained by Business Insider.

The memo, obtained by the outlet, says the company wants to hire a team of women to work at McDonalds “from the ground up.”

The memo states that McDonalds has been looking for a “team of diverse people to help build McDonalds culture,” with the goal of “reinventing and revamping our culture for tomorrow.”

McDonalds says it is not only looking for women to lead the hiring process, but also to “ensure a diversity of voices, perspectives, and experiences on the team,” in order to make sure that the company can “reach every person.”

The company says it has been “making strides” in this area, with hiring more minorities and women in the past two years.

In addition, McDonalds said it will “continue to invest in diversity and inclusion programs.”

McD’s has been criticized by a group of women for its hiring practices in the workplace, and its recent comments about women in leadership roles.McDonald�s, which employs more than 1.5 million people worldwide, has faced backlash in the recent months for hiring women in management roles.

The company has come under fire for hiring former President Donald Trump to lead its Human Resources department.

In February, McDonald�s said the company was “looking for a CEO to lead our human resources department,” a move that led to an internal review and subsequent firing of the former Trump administration official.

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