How Netflix’s $1.4 billion Netflix Job Search is going to take $20 billion of money out of the economy

The streaming giant has just announced it’s launching a massive job search effort in hopes of finding the best and brightest to work in the US.

While Netflix has been focusing on recruiting the top talent to work on its original content, the company is also looking for a wide range of other talent to fill various roles in its operations, including film and television production.

Netflix said the effort is the first time it’s launched such a program outside of the United States, where the company currently has a presence.

“We are thrilled to launch this program to fill hundreds of positions across the United State,” said CEO Reed Hastings.

“We are excited to bring Netflix’s world-class talent to our US workforce.”

Netflix is taking advantage of the fact that most jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, which means that there are a lot of qualified people looking for work.

While there are thousands of positions that Netflix is looking for in the United Kingdom, Australia, and India, the majority of them are for production and technical roles.

In fact, Netflix’s UK and Australian operations have around 10,000 people working for them in the UK and more than 10,500 in Australia.

Netflix is also aiming to find people who are in positions that it doesn’t currently have employees in.

“Many of the jobs are highly technical and require advanced technology skills,” said the company.

“Many of these positions are in the film and TV production and require great experience in production and distribution.

We are looking for people who have experience in the areas of production and digital production.”

The company is recruiting for all types of positions, but also some roles that require a degree in some fields of study.

While it is hiring from across the US, Netflix is targeting a particular type of positions.

“Netflix is committed to bringing the world’s most talented people together,” said Hastings.

Netflix says the effort will include an in-depth hiring strategy.

“The Netflix Job-Search is an initiative we are taking to fill the gaps in our talent pipeline, and we are committed to helping companies with this ambitious initiative.”

Netflix said it’s hiring for all the positions it has a need for, including video production, editing, production management, and creative support.

For more information on the program, go to the Netflix website.

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