The Colorado job market could be a bubble by the end of 2020

A look at Colorado’s job market over the past four years, which could lead to a shortage of jobs by the middle of the year.

In Colorado, there are currently around 5,000 full-time and part-time jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This compares to the national average of 6,300.

The state’s unemployment rate has been under 4% for the past two years.

As Colorado’s unemployment has risen to a high of nearly 16%, some have argued that the state could be in a job bubble.

The US has a long and painful history of job shortages and it seems like this is the norm in Colorado.

But that’s not what happened.

The data from the Bureau Of Labor Statistics showed that the unemployment rate in Colorado fell from 5.9% in March of 2016 to 4.9%.

However, the number of full- and part, full-timers in Colorado increased by 4.4% over the same period.

That’s in stark contrast to the nationwide trend, which has seen the number increase by a whopping 6.3% over four years.

The number of unemployed in Colorado rose from 14,826 in March 2016 to 15,081 in March 2017, according a recent report by the Bureau for Labor Statistics (BLS).

That’s a jump of more than a quarter, or 1.6%.

This is the first time the state has seen more than 1,000 unemployed workers since the beginning of the Great Recession.

As we previously reported, the Bureau reported that the job market in Colorado has experienced a drop in hiring in recent months.

The Bureau’s report said that a large percentage of the drop was attributed to the effects of the Zika virus, but also noted that many employers had to reduce hours to cope with the virus.

It also said that employers had a greater willingness to offer incentives to employees in the last months of the fiscal year to encourage them to stay on the payroll.

Colorado is also experiencing a number of other problems in the job markets.

While the job losses in Colorado are largely due to the Zika and other health concerns, there’s also been a surge in jobless workers across the country.

The number of Americans who are looking for work has risen since the start of the recession in December 2015, the highest number since the Great Depression.

In Colorado, those looking for jobs fell by 1,935, according the BLS.

That was the biggest drop since December 2009, when the number dropped by 585.

That means the jobless rate in the state fell by 2.5% during that time.

This has led to a sharp decrease in the number in Colorado, with the number falling to 8.4%, the lowest since October of 2007.

And while job losses are not new in Colorado at this point, the rate of job loss is especially severe.

A recent BLS report said Colorado had the fifth highest job loss rate among states in the country in March, with 4.2% of the state’s workforce having lost their jobs since March.

The unemployment rate for this group in Colorado was 4.5%.

A big factor behind the recent downturn is the recession, which affected both the economy and the job growth.

Although Colorado is still in a mild recession, it is a difficult time to be unemployed, with more than 12 million people in the US officially out of work.

There is also a growing awareness of the risks associated with unemployment, with many employers trying to boost employee morale through the use of holiday bonuses.

The Colorado unemployment rate is currently 4.6%, down from the previous month.

A good indicator of a job market is how many people are looking at your job or asking you to find a new one.

A strong job market indicates that businesses are hiring, and that people are willing to take on new positions.

It’s an indicator that a business is healthy and that it’s being well-managed.

But it also means that there are also many people looking for other jobs.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the US economy is not a perfect system.

It relies heavily on consumer spending, which can be affected by events such as hurricanes, pandemics and natural disasters.

In the short term, a strong economy may mean that people have more money to spend on their purchases, but that may be a false sense of security.

We’ve written about Colorado’s economy before, and how it has benefited from a strong recovery.

In fact, Colorado’s jobs growth has been stronger than many other states over the last few years.

The job growth has helped to keep the state from sliding into recession, and has also helped to create jobs. 

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing the next installment of our weekly jobs report, and we will continue to follow Colorado’s recovery and the state as it adjusts to the new year. 

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