Which jobs are really open for job seekers in the UK?

Jobseekers in the United Kingdom are increasingly searching for more secure and rewarding work than ever before, with a third of the country’s job vacancies open to candidates of all ages and skill levels, according to new research.

In the latest survey of the sector, the research firm Appenzeller found that a third (31 per cent) of jobs in the construction and service sectors had vacancies that were open for people of all qualifications and experience levels.

Those figures were higher than the 27 per cent who had vacancies open for a particular skill level in 2014.

In 2014, the British Construction Industry Council (BCCI) said that it had a shortage of 1,300 jobs for skilled trades workers.

The organisation said it had an average vacancy rate of 0.2 per cent and was considering increasing the threshold for an applicant to get a job offer to 0.5 per cent.

However, a spokesman for the BCAI said: “We’ve already received applications for the first time since the end of May and we’ve seen the number of vacancies in construction increased to more than 1,000.

We will continue to take these opportunities very seriously.”

The survey found that over half (53 per cent of all vacancies) were in the private sector, with the majority of vacancies for this sector in construction and related occupations (67 per cent).

The study also found that people with a Masters degree or above were more likely to have vacancies open (36 per cent), followed by those with a Certificate of Qualifications (19 per cent); the highest proportion of vacancies were in trades, engineering and construction occupations (19.4 per cent).

“In terms of skills, there is a lot of overlap with the general public,” said the BCEI’s deputy chief executive, Stephen Fitch.

“People who have completed their training are more likely than people who haven’t to have a job lined up in the pipeline.”

The BCAIs survey also found a higher proportion of people who had a Master’s degree were also employed in the public sector, up from 27 per to 29 per cent, but the BCPI said that was not the case in other occupations.

“While this figure is higher than it was for apprenticeships, it’s a small sample size and this is an issue we are investigating,” said BCPIs chief executive Mark Gove.

“However, this survey does show that there is more to do to support and support the growth of those with advanced degrees and qualifications and those who have gone through training to get their qualifications.”

The research also found people with at least a Masters in a particular occupation were more than twice as likely to be employed in construction than people with an equivalent degree.

“It is clear that there are skills gaps that need to be addressed,” said Mr Fitch, adding that the government was committed to supporting those with higher levels of qualifications in the sector.

The BCPCI said the sector was at “critical” stage.

“There are over 1,500 jobs available in the industry that could be filled by the skilled workforce,” said a spokesperson for the group.

“This is a critical time for us to look at the future and to provide support for the industry as it works to fill those positions.”

Our priority is to ensure that there will be more skilled workers in the building industry, and we have already invested more than £200 million in the apprenticeship sector.

“Appenzeller’s research was carried out from September to December 2014.

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