RTE jobs: Construction jobs in the North west

Derry City has posted the first of a series of jobs announcements on its website.

The company says it is “proud to announce the first set of construction jobs” to be posted in the area.

These jobs are for the construction of new homes, including a house on a site in the Glenbrook area.

It says the new homes are to be built by the Derry Housing Corporation and will have “some of the best possible design for the community’s needs”.

The announcement comes after a number of large-scale job announcements over the last few weeks.

Derry City Council announced a £5m investment in the community and is looking to build two new homes.

In March, a large-format house was completed for a community-based project.

The city has also announced it is in talks to build a second new home.

It has also said it will build a new home in Derry for the elderly and the disabled.

The North west is also in the spotlight this week with the announcement that the council is looking at redeveloping a former police station.

It is a move that would see it move into a mixed-use development with offices, restaurants and a gymnasium.

The development has been on the market since the 1970s and is in need of major upgrades.

Darragh McDonagh, chief executive of the North West Council, said it was a good start for the region.

“It’s a great start for us to get on with the new job announcements.

We’re looking forward to putting in place the right infrastructure to allow the community to get the job done.”

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