How to hire a good sales person in china

India has a reputation for high-tech companies that make money but don’t sell.

A new report by McKinsey & Company says the country has the highest proportion of salespeople in China, with over a quarter of jobs in the country being in sales.

McKinsey’s report, which was released on Thursday, says India has the second highest proportion in the world of sales people.

The report, entitled “How to hire and grow a sales force in China”, highlights the country’s massive market of around 7.6 billion people, with the vast majority of those in China being in the digital industry.

McKinseys report, based on a study of more than 10,000 salespeople, found that in 2013, there were more than 2.8 million salespeople and 1.4 million sales teams.

The report says these numbers do not include freelancers or consultants.

The McKinsey report found that a total of 3.3 million jobs in China were in sales and service roles.

In terms of total employment in the global market, the report found 1.8 billion jobs were in retail, service and wholesale, with another 3.2 billion jobs in food and beverage and 3.5 billion in transportation and warehousing.

The research also found that China has the largest number of software salespeople globally, with about 1.2 million jobs.

The number of people in China in sales has been growing steadily over the past five years, rising to over 2.4 billion in 2016, according to McKinsey.

It is estimated that more than 1.6 million people in India are working in sales, with nearly 400,000 in India alone.

In China, there are nearly 5.3 billion people in the total workforce, with around 6.1 million in sales positions.

In India, about 4 million people work in sales roles.

According to the McKinsey study, China has over three times as many sales teams as India, with a total workforce of around 4.3 trillion people.

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