India is the country with the highest unemployment rate in the world

India has the second highest unemployment rates in the developed world, according to a report by the World Bank and the World Economic Forum.

India has the lowest rate of employment among the 55 countries included in the study.

In India, nearly 10% of the population is unemployed, according the report, which focuses on the labor market.

This is the highest in the survey and makes India the fourth most deprived country in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

This is in stark contrast to the other rich countries, such as the US and Germany, where the unemployment rate is around 2% and the rate is 5% or less.

In addition, India has one of the highest fertility rates in developed countries, at 1.49 children per woman.

The average life expectancy in India is 78.7 years.

The World Bank’s report also shows that India is a country where there are a wide range of socio-economic barriers that affect employment.

The report shows that about 10% or more of the workforce is in informal work.

In addition, the labour force participation rate in India has fallen from 59% in 2001 to 42% in 2012.

India also has a large number of people who have been displaced from their homes, according with the report.

The number of jobless in India stands at 12.2 million, the report said.

The number of unemployed is higher in urban areas, while in rural areas, the number of jobs is higher.

The unemployment rate stands at 13.5%.

India’s labor market is largely dependent on the availability of foreign labour, which can be scarce.

This means that in India, more and more people are forced to work on their own.

In order to survive, the country needs to find ways to attract foreign workers to fill jobs that are open, the World Bancroft Centre said.

“Indian employers are also facing a shortage of skilled foreign labour.

In some industries, such people are needed in order to fill skilled jobs that have become obsolete,” it said.

The jobs that attract the most foreign labour include agriculture, construction, construction and food processing, according data compiled by the Bancropft Centre.

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