What is the US unemployment rate?

The unemployment rate in the US rose to 5.3% in November from 5.2% a month earlier.

The rate was the highest since April 2018.

The increase came as President Donald Trump announced he would be withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

The president also said he was pulling the US from the Paris climate agreement, which he said would lead to lower global temperatures.

The economy added a robust 115,000 jobs in November.

The unemployment measure was revised up to 5%, up from 4.8%.

The unemployment for the manufacturing sector was revised to 2.8% from 2.6%. 

The US unemployment rose to 3.7% in October, from 3.5% a year earlier. 

The unemployment rate for women dropped to 6.6% from 6.8%, while for men it rose to 7.2%. 

In the manufacturing industry, the unemployment rate rose to 4.9%, up slightly from 4% a quarter earlier.

The number of people in the labour force increased by 6,000 to a seasonally adjusted 6.3 million in November, the Labor Department said. 

Overall, the labor force increased for the 10th consecutive month, the agency said.

Overall, unemployment rose for the 12th straight month in November and for the third straight month.

This is the second consecutive month the unemployment index has been revised upward, after the Labor Force Participation Rate rose 0.9% in August.

Trump has called the unemployment figure an inaccurate measure of the unemployment problem and has threatened to withdraw from the TPP trade deal if it does not include a $1.9 trillion increase in infrastructure spending.

The US economy expanded by 108,000 manufacturing jobs in October.

The manufacturing sector added 12,000 factory jobs in September.

Since the recession, manufacturing has shed almost 10 million jobs.

On Monday, the Commerce Department reported revised estimates of the number of Americans who are underemployed. 

A total of 16.7 million Americans are either not actively looking for work or actively seeking part-time work, according to the report.

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