How to find a Mayo Clinic job post-election

The Mayo Clinic announced on Thursday that it would close its doors for good after an eight-year run that saw it become one of the most influential medical centers in the United States.

The news comes less than a month after President-elect Donald Trump took office.

Trump, who promised to “drain the swamp,” has promised to roll back many of the Obama administration’s regulatory actions.

But the Mayo Clinic’s closure came as a surprise to many of its employees, as well as to those who had worked at the clinic for more than a decade.

The clinic has been an engine for economic growth in southern Minnesota for decades, but as the state has lost the manufacturing jobs that once made it such a vital economic engine, so has the center’s reputation.

Its headquarters and two main campuses in Rochester, Minnesota, were both demolished to make way for an airport and shopping mall.

It also lost its most recent CEO in 2014, after it spent $1 billion on renovations to its headquarters and other facilities.

After the announcement, some former Mayo Clinic employees were quick to point out that the center has a history of supporting and fostering local businesses.

“I’m not sure why the Mayo clinic has closed,” said Lisa Hoehn, who worked for the Mayo Center for Cancer Research and is now the president of the Minnesota Restaurant Association.

“It doesn’t make sense that they are closing down now.

I don’t know why they’re closing down.

They have been a tremendous force in the local economy.

People have supported the Mayo center.”

In a statement, the Mayo Children’s Hospital said that the hospital has been preparing for the closure since February.

“The Mayo Clinic family is deeply grateful to all of its patients and the many, many patients that have served us over the years,” the statement said.

“We will continue to provide compassionate care to all patients.”

It was not immediately clear what the Mayo Foundation of Minnesota, which oversees the facility, would do in the wake of the closure.

The closure comes as other health care facilities across the country are considering their options as President-Elect Donald Trump moves to dismantle regulations and roll back some of the policies he campaigned on.

Trump has promised that he would eliminate federal regulations and impose a “massive tax on health care companies that are leaving the country” and that he will “abolish Obamacare” and replace it with “the most competitive system in the world.”

He has said he wants to “rip up the [Affordable Care Act], dismantle it, and replace that with something else.”

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