Why are people buying clothes that don’t fit anymore?

This summer, as part of its annual Christmas shopping blitz, British fashion house Chanel launched a line of colourful and stylish clothing called the ‘Chanel Fashion Series’ that was intended to help shoppers “be more creative” and “better understand their personal style”.

However, in the same year, a number of brands announced their plans to ditch the colour pink altogether.

It’s not just fashionistas who are struggling to find something to wear in 2018: in fact, there’s been a dramatic fall in the number of people buying anything with pink as their primary colour, with a staggering 23 per cent of adults choosing to go back to their primary colours, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

In contrast, just over half (54 per cent) of those surveyed chose a blue-green colour.

It may not be a perfect correlation, but the trends are definitely there: the majority of the survey’s respondents said they were happier with their colours now that they have pink in them.

While pink may have a positive impact on people’s happiness, it also creates a lot of noise in the fabric industry.

According to data from the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences, the use of pink has increased by 50 per cent since 2016.

While it’s true that many people have come to love the colour, the environmental impacts have been a real concern, with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology warning that the impact on marine life is likely to be greater than previously thought.

“We’re seeing an increase in plastic debris that is a direct consequence of the increased plastic consumption,” Kate Smith, of the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), told the ABC.

“So this is an environmental impact, and the plastics we’re seeing in our oceans are increasing the pollution levels of our oceans, which is very bad for marine life.”

While we’re talking about the environment, we might also want to talk about the health of the sea.

According the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the global plastic pollution rate has increased from 1,200 tonnes per year in 1980 to 2,848 tonnes per day today.

The issue isn’t just about whether or not we can afford to go green, however.

Many of the products Chanel is offering on its Christmas list have come from countries that have the highest levels of plastic pollution in the world, according the American Environmental Education Foundation (AEEF), a non-profit that advocates against environmental injustice.

The organisation notes that a number are products that were developed by multinational companies, like Nike and Adidas.

While this may not seem like a big deal in terms of environmental impact (after all, the brands are not responsible for their products), it has the potential to cause serious health issues.

Although Chanel’s Christmas offer will be more environmentally-friendly, it’s important to note that the trend of opting for colours with a green hue may not last forever.

Even if you’re a diehard pinkhead, there are still a lot more choices out there for you to choose from.

Find out what brands are making the switch to green-free fabrics in 2018 with our new infographic below.

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