Which jobs will get the most jobless benefits?

The unemployment benefits of Arkansas residents have gone up by more than 10 percent since the end of 2016.

Arkansas Gov.

Mark Black announced last week that the state is on track to surpass its total jobless benefit obligation by the end to 2018.

The governor also said the state’s total unemployed benefit obligation would increase by more $100 million.

The new jobless claims will not affect those who currently have unemployment benefits or those who are unemployed due to other causes.

The state has set a target of 3.4 million people receiving benefits this year, which is about 0.4 percent of the total population.

The total job-seekers are those who have been actively looking for work since December, according to a press release.

Arkansas is one of seven states that has implemented a “workfare” program to encourage unemployed people to look for work.

According to the governor, Arkansas will be the third state in the nation to implement the program.

The program is called Work-In-Progress and is a state-run program that pays recipients cash incentives for work and offers a “paycheck for good work.”

The state’s unemployment benefits have increased by more in each of the last four years, but the total number of people receiving the benefit has remained steady at around 3.5 million.

Arkansas’s unemployment rate is now at 9.9 percent, up from 8.6 percent in February.

Arkansas currently has 1.6 million jobless people, with the unemployment rate being a much higher 11.4.

A majority of the unemployed people are employed in retail, food services, construction and food processing, according the press release from the governor.

The Governor’s office says that Arkansas will continue to work with businesses to help individuals find jobs and the economy.

The release also said that Arkansas is working with the federal government and other federal agencies to develop a plan to help workers transition to a new job market.

The statement from the Arkansas Department of Economic and Community Development reads, “The state of Arkansas will not be burdened by increased unemployment claims, as long as it implements a work-in-progress model to help unemployed workers find jobs.”

This is not the first time that Arkansas has increased the state unemployment benefit by more.

In 2017, Gov.

Black signed legislation to increase the amount of state unemployment benefits for all jobless individuals, regardless of whether they are currently receiving unemployment benefits.

The increase in unemployment benefits came on the heels of the U.S. Census Bureau’s report showing Arkansas’s jobless rate to be the fifth highest in the country.

In 2018, Arkansas also signed a law that would increase the number of public workers eligible for unemployment benefits by 25 percent.

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