When I was a kid, I went to a nut job job

Posted July 13, 2018 07:29:07A nut job is a job where a worker uses a nut, bar or knife to cut a piece of meat or produce.

The jobs are typically found in the food, fruit or dairy industries.

It’s a lucrative career but for the most part, people who do nut jobs are not allowed to work for the Government.

The Job Guarantee Minister, Ian MacDonald, said there was no such job in Australia and there is no such thing as a nutjob.

“We don’t have nut jobs.

We have nut farms,” Mr MacDonald said.”

It is a dangerous job that puts people at risk, we don’t want to have a situation where someone is making money off of it.”

Mr MacDonald said the Government has been working with industry, government and community groups to develop the Nut Jobs Guarantee Scheme.

“The scheme has been developed in a way that’s going to work and that will protect people from exploitation,” he said.

He said the scheme would provide a compensation program to those who have been directly harmed by a nut farm worker.

“People who are directly impacted by a job will get some sort of compensation, and we’re really keen to get that into the hands of people who are more likely to be affected by it, so we’re going to give them some help,” Mr Macdonald said.

Mr MacDonald is hopeful the scheme will help protect people who may be directly involved in nut jobs and would also offer assistance to those in other industries who are involved in them.

“There are a lot of jobs in agriculture where they do things, but they don’t get any recognition,” he noted.

“And there are other jobs in industry that do things that are so dangerous that they have to be protected.”

The Government has put $40 million towards the Nut Job Guarantees Scheme.


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