Public Health Jobs in Alaska (with an asterisk)

The public health sector in Alaska is the most heavily regulated and taxed in the United States, with a federal excise tax that’s higher than in any other state.

But thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), public health jobs are now available for everyone to fill.

In Alaska, it’s an easy process, with many positions open online through the state’s Department of Labor, and a wide variety of job descriptions.

And as with most job postings, employers must prove that they’re hiring qualified workers.

The best part?

If you’re interested in working in public health, you’ll find that the hiring process can be done through an online hiring platform called JobSeeker, and there’s a full range of options.

Here are the top 5 jobs in Alaska that you should consider applying to if you want to take on a position in the state: 1.

Public Health Technicians: The Department of Public Health offers a wide range of health care and health care technology positions.

Most of these positions require some degree in science, technology, engineering, and math, and can involve both teaching and performing duties as a certified technician.

But even with a degree, the pay is fairly good and the work is varied.

Some jobs require only basic health-related training.


Community Health Officers: Community health officers are responsible for responding to emergencies such as outbreaks and emergencies related to health emergencies.

Some positions require the position to be an emergency responder or first responder, and the pay isn’t as high as other jobs in the health care sector.


Community Medics: Community medics provide life-saving medical care and emergency services to people living in underserved communities.

They are often needed for the elderly, those with disabilities, and people with pre-existing conditions.

Some of the positions are part-time and require some training.


Medical Interns: The job description for medical interns is very broad.

Some are required to be at least 21 years old, but many of them have an option to take jobs with employers after graduation.

Some also have a stipend that can be used for travel expenses or housing.

The pay is competitive, and many positions pay as much as $35,000 per year.


Emergency Medical Technicians and Emergency Response Team Leaders: Some of these jobs are for emergency response teams, which can be deployed to respond to natural disasters and other emergencies.

There are also jobs that require emergency response officers to be trained and certified to handle various emergencies.

Most are full-time positions, and you can work as a paramedic, an EMT, or a nurse.

These positions typically pay anywhere from $60,000 to $130,000 a year.

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