What jobs will get the most payers?

Most of the NFL’s biggest jobs are expected to get the biggest payouts, according to a study released Monday by the league and the league’s owners.

It says the league will pay out more than $2 billion for players, coaches and general managers, up from $1.8 billion last year.

That includes $750 million in salary and incentives.

The biggest payers of the week: Quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, defensive linemen, defensive backs, linebackers, offensive linemen and quarterbacks.

Here’s how each job class will get paid.

Quarterbacks QBs QBs: $2.7 billion NFLPA/NFL Players Association $1 billion union $1,000 for the first win (plus a $100,000 bonus) NFL Players Association/NFLPA Players’ Association $200,000 guaranteed per season for all games in 2016, including the playoffs.

NFLPA players will receive a guaranteed $100 million for all playoff games in the first year of the deal, while the union will receive $100.5 million guaranteed per year from 2017 through 2021.

The $1 million per game bonus for a win is the only guaranteed pay out of the $1 trillion in the contract.

Running backs RBs: Up to $1 per win RBs/NFL Player Association $500,000 in guaranteed money for all seasons.

NFL Players’ Assoc./NFLPA The union will get $500 million in guaranteed pay in 2016 and 2021, with the $500 per game incentive set to grow to $5 million in 2021.

Wide receivers WRs: The league and NFLPA are set to make $750,000 per year for each of the first five seasons in the new contract, which will make $1 to $2 million per season.

The union gets $100 in guaranteed compensation for each season for the top five receivers, including $75,000 a year in 2017 and $50,000 next season.

Defensive linemen DEs: All $1 in the deal for each contract year.

NFL Assoc./NFL PA The union also will get a $500K guaranteed base salary for the next five years.

Safety Safety: Up from $500 to $750 Safety: $1 each season in 2020 Safety: The union, in a move that is believed to be part of a broader push to protect players’ salaries, will get all of the player base safety payments and $150,000 of the guaranteed base salaries for the following five seasons.

Cornerbacks CBs: No guaranteed money at all Cornerbacks: $100 per season in 2019 and 2020, $250 in 2021, $350 in 2022 and $400 in 2023.

Safety: Players in the top 10 percent of their positions get guaranteed money from the league, while players in the bottom 10 percent get the guaranteed money that starts in 2021 of $100 for the last three seasons, starting with the 2020 season.

Safety will be the most lucrative category in the salary cap.

The players’ association and NFL are expected in a joint press conference later this week to discuss the deal.

Wide receiver wide receivers: Up $200 from the union and $200 per season WRs/ NFLPA The NFLPA and the union are set a total of $1 Billion in guaranteed payments for each year of this agreement.

The contract also includes a $200 guaranteed per game payout for the 10 players with the highest-paid catches.

The NFL will make the most guaranteed money in the league for each receiver, with a total payout of $750K for each player.

The first-year payout for WRs is $75K.

The next-highest paid WRs, running back Alfred Morris and wide receiver Brandon LaFell, are guaranteed $75 million.

Running back Matt Jones is the highest paid player in the NFL, at $75.7 million per year.

Quarterback Peyton Manning, who is guaranteed $3.5 billion, gets the $250,000 starting pay for each game.

Wideout DeAndre Hopkins is the next highest paid, at about $75k per game.

All other players receive $150 per game guaranteed.

Cornerback CBs CBs and Safety: Each player gets $50 guaranteed per contract year CBs/Tampa Bay Buccaneers Safety: A $50.5 guaranteed payment for each home game, a $250 guaranteed payment in the playoffs, and $250 per game guarantee for the final two regular-season games in each season.

A $100 guaranteed payment is set for the NFC Championship Game.

Safety, as is typical for safety contracts, is tied to the number of regular-game snaps a player has played in each of his first four seasons.

Safety is the most-promoted category of the cap, with $400 million guaranteed for the 2018 season.

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