How Amazon is hiring women at its $13 billion fulfillment center in New York

In a move that could save the company millions, Amazon is adding more than 100 female employees to its fulfillment center near Manhattan.

The expansion is expected to boost the number of female employees by 1,500.

Amazon is in the process of hiring 5,000 new workers and has more than 300 employees in its warehouse in the heart of Manhattan.

Amazon’s fulfillment center at 1 Manhattan Ave.

in Manhattan, New York City, May 27, 2018.

(Photo by Eric Risberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images)Amazon is adding at least 100 more women to its $14 billion fulfillment facility in the Bronx, the company said Thursday.

The company is expanding the fulfillment center, a $13.4 billion facility that it built in 2013, to add 1,000 more employees and has an additional 1,800 in its current fulfillment center on Staten Island, said Mike McPhee, Amazon’s vice president of operations.

Amazon will have an additional 200 workers in its new warehouse in New Hyde Park, New Jersey, which opened last week, McPee said.

In addition to the addition of female workers, Amazon said it is adding a $1.5 million “special needs” training facility and a “supportive work environment” to its warehouse.

Amazon said it will pay $25,000 in monthly training costs for employees.

The new training facility will also be open to all employees, Mcphee said.

Amazon is a leader in expanding the supply chain for its customers.

Last year, the online retail giant announced plans to expand the distribution of Amazon Prime, which offers free two-day shipping for some items on its website.

Amazon says Prime customers spend $500 million a year on Amazon products.

Amazon opened the fulfillment facility on Staten island in December.

Last week, the New York State Department of Health announced it was shutting down the New Hyde park facility and the two warehouses it built to focus on other areas.

The department said the closure was necessary due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

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