When Denver’s political science jobs boom is over: Why it matters

Denver jobs are back in the news again.

The Colorado jobs data firm says that Denver jobs increased by more than 300,000 jobs last month, which is roughly the same rate of growth seen in the past year.

In fact, Denver has been adding jobs at a pace similar to Denver jobs growth for many months.

But while the city is up a bit since last year, it’s still down from a year ago.

“There’s been a lot of slow growth in Denver, which makes this one of those jobs that really takes off in a month, rather than a year,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics.

“The fact that it’s been this fast is a positive sign for Denver’s economic recovery.

Denver is still a very competitive place to do business.

And the recovery has been very positive in the last few months.”

Denver is a hotbed of political science.

And there are a number of reasons for that, said Zandi.

First, the state is experiencing an economic recovery, thanks in large part to the strong recovery in the Denver metro area.

But the city also has some of the highest wages in the country.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a Denver-area job was $68,717 in April, up more than 50 percent from a decade ago.

The median hourly wage for a non-management job was just over $20 an hour.

“So Denver is seeing a big uptick in hiring, especially in the field of political sciences,” Zandi said.

The unemployment rate for Denver is currently at 6.7 percent, which Zandi says is a “very high” rate.

And while the rate of job growth is up from the previous month, there are also some caveats to take into account.

The BLS doesn’t break out unemployment rates by city, so Denver’s unemployment rate is not necessarily higher than other major cities.

For example, while the unemployment rate in Kansas City is 6.5 percent, it is down from 7.9 percent in January.

The same can be said for the unemployment rates in Dallas and Philadelphia.

“It’s not necessarily the best indicator of job creation, but it’s a good indicator of what’s going on in the economy and in the job market,” said Zanda.

“And it’s going up.”

But if you think about it, a lot more is going on than just hiring.

The state is also seeing an uptick in people moving from other states.

According the BLS, the number of people moving to Colorado for work is up nearly 50 percent since the start of the year.

And a large part of that growth is coming from the Denver area.

According an analysis by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, Colorado added nearly 1 million new jobs between July 1 and September 30, the same time frame as other major metro areas.

In Denver, that’s about 3.3 percent of the state’s workforce, which represents more than a quarter of the city’s population.

But it’s not just people moving back and forth between the metro area and Denver.

Another important factor that’s contributing to the spike in jobs is the legalization of recreational marijuana.

That has also helped boost the number and amount of jobs in the marijuana industry.

The Denver Business Journal reports that the number in Colorado’s cannabis industry has increased by almost 50 percent over the past few years.

“Colorado is a big market for cannabis,” said John Bresnahan, CEO of the Denver Cannabis Business Association.

“We’re seeing an explosion in jobs in Denver and the surrounding areas.”

There’s also been a surge in other industries.

According, the Colorado Department of Revenue, the average hourly wage increased by about $10 in the first quarter of this year, an increase that is more than double the average increase from the year prior.

So, it appears that the economy is doing well, despite a lot going on.

And as long as the weather holds, Denver is likely to see a strong economic recovery that will benefit its residents and businesses.

“If Denver continues to maintain its growth rate, which it is, then we could see a very strong rebound, and it will be very positive for the state of Colorado,” Zanda said.

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